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Our activity in the Financial sector

In the financial field, MSH operates through a securitisation vehicle – MATTEO SABA GLOBAL CREDIT (MSGB) – capable of responding in a totally flexible, economical, effective and creative manner to the multiple needs of today’s global market – certainly in addition to the non-performing loans segment alone – related to the securitisation of risks and assets, including,for example, rights to works of the intellect or units of investment funds.

The securitisation of non-performing loans (NPLs or Non-Performing Loans) remains – thanks to the confidence that the international banking system places in MSGB’s management, or rather in the executive capacity of the MSGB management to which it entrusts the portfolio management activities – the main area in terms of assets under management. In the course of 2023, the expansion of the portfolio in the Finance sector is planned with the acquisition of a qualified shareholding in several SIMs for which the relevant Due Diligence activities are underway, with closing expected by Q2-2023.

The Finance team is led by professional figures who have gained significant experience in the Risk & Compliance area and who therefore ensure total capacity in management, as well as a broad vision with regard to all activities connected to the financial sphere where MSH acts as a qualified and high-profile Partner for an international clientele of the highest level.

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