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Real Estate

Real Estate

Our activity in the Real Estate sector

In the field of real estate, MHS operates as General Partner of Alternative Investment Funds, the first of which is named MATTEO SABA BUILDING INVESTMENT FUND. MHS functions as developer in the classical sense, focusing on medium-sized transactions between € 5 and 50 million and characterised by varying degrees of economic-financial stress.– At the same time and necessarily, it proceeds to underline in terms of compendiums and real estate rights of absolute value.

MSH’s Real Estate team is led by high-profile figures with significant track records and capable of supervising and executing over the five-year period 2022-2027 a pipeline of thirty transactions with a market value of approximately € 300 million in the management, tourism and commercial sectors.

Our main markets

1. Prague

2. London

3. Paris

4. Sardinia

5. Dubai

6. Singapore

7. Bali

8. New York

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